Introducing our host: God of War composer Gerard Marino!

Once Upon a time a man named Gerard K. Marino left a stable and lucrative career as a strip club DJ for the bright lights and intoxicating streets of Hollywood in 1999. Six years later the Los Angeles Philharmonic was performing his music at the Hollywood Bowl. Jump ahead to August 7th-11th, 2014 and you’ll see that he’s the official host of the Orlando Nerd Fest!!

Gerard was the principal composer of Sony Playstation’s GOD OF WAR franchise, the scores of which have won many awards including the Interactive Academy Award for Best Score, the Game Audio Network Guild’s “Music of the Year” and “Soundtrack Of The Year” Awards and garnered a BAFTA nomination. His orchestral suite of his GOD OF WAR themes debuted with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl and continues to be performed by top-shelf orchestras on 5 continents, including 2 sold out shows at the Kennedy Center with the National Symphony Orchestra.

He has also worked on other games such as the games THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, FANTASTIC 4, THE PUNISHER, and 187: RIDE OR DIE. He’s scored 7 feature films including NINJA II and EL PADRINO with Faye Dunaway, Jennifer Tilly, and Stacy Keach. He has also scored several commercials, including the NBC 2006 Winter Olympics, DTS, State Farm Auto, and even for Dannon Yogurt. His theatrical motion picture trailer list is also nothing to sneeze at, including Sex Tape, Muppets Most Wanted, Davinci’s Demons, Cars 2, Walking With Dinosaurs, Pirates: At World’s End, Superman Returns, The Grudge I and II, Everyone’s Hero, Ice Age II, and Terminator 3. As for TV he’s worked on CW’s SUPERNATURAL and USA’s THREE WISE GUYS… *catches breath*

That’s a pretty established career with a lot of contributions to some really awesome Nerd Culture staples! It also just so happens that he is from Orlando, Florida. :)

He’s super geeked to be a part of this legendary event, and we’re super geeked to have him hosting it!

ONF2014 Presents: JAMSPACE!
Are you a performer or in a band that wants to play at #ONF2014 but couldn’t get on the show? Now you can!

Following in the tradition of other large and amazing music festivals like our BFF’s over at MAGFest we’ve decided to open up copious amounts of time on our “C Stage” as a JAMSPACE and OPEN MIC!

There will be approximately 4 (or more) hours per day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) where we will allow for 20-30 minute sets (length depends on scheduling) for you and your friends to jam out!

We may have a few extra generic instruments laying around, but it is highly recommended that you BYOG (Bring Your Own Gear) for the best experience possible!

Our only requirements and rules are as follows:
Your performance must somehow fit the setting of “Nerd Culture”.
Anime, Gaming, Comics, Sci-Fi, 90′s kid, Computers, Nerd Life, etc.

You must follow the agreed upon schedule!
If you agree to a performance time and you miss it, you missed it.

Stage C Sound Team has ultimate authority on everything JAMSPACE.
Their word is the LAW. LAWWWWWWWW!

To apply fill out the form below:

Performers that are not already scheduled elsewhere will be given priority!
Thank you for your support, and ROCK ROCK ON!!

ChipWIN and Play It Loud presents: ONF ChipShows 2014!

To see that the debut of Orlando Nerd Fest gets its proper dose of chiptune awesomeness, Play It Loud & Chiptunes = WIN are joining ridiculous forces to bring 9 KICKASS CHIPACTS to perform at not one, not two, but THREE late night shows of badassery for your pajama wearing asses to party and/or dance at. So what are you waiting for? #ComeGetYourChipOn

Play It Loud Links:
Fb Page –

ChipWIN Links:
Bandcamp –
The ChipWIN Blog –
Fb Group -
Fb Page –
Twitter –
Soundcloud –
Tumblr -
Youtube –

Friday (Aug 8th) night artists:
Boy Without Batteries:

Boy Without Batteries is the musical alias of Cole Jaques, a chiptune musician from Lakeland, Florida, who uses two Nintendo Gameboys to create melodic and energetic dance tracks reminiscent of retro videogames and old school computers. 



~*high energy emotional punk rock, dance jams, and shibuya-kei/idol inspired powerpop from corvallis oregon*~


Melt Channel:

Melt Channel is a high energy, power packed fusion of electric guitar jams and lo-fi Nintendo console vibes.


Saturday (Aug 9th) night artists:

Storm Blooper:

Hailing from Philadelphia, Storm Blooper uses original Nintendo Gameboys running LSDJ to make music you can twerk to. 



Solarbear is a progressive rock composer from Lexington, KY who creates his works from Nintendo Gameboys. With a strong grounding in both metal and electronic dance, his music combines with an aggressive live performance to get both your feet and your fists moving.

Auxcide (PHL) is a chiptune artist who uses multiple gameboys along with other hardware to create vast soundscapes with driving passages through starfields.


Sunday (Aug 10th) night artists:


Masikus began his musical career as a drummer. He now combines his love for chiptune, hip-hop, ambient music, downtempo and video games into darker, original compositions and video game music remixes.


Ap0c is a project by Philadelphia-based musician Steve Lakawicz. He uses vintage game system audio combined with tuba to explore social encounters, interpret haunting memories, and expose visceral emotions.



Zantilla is the progressive chip-metal outlet of self-taught composer, producer, and keyboardist Adrian Shegstad. Combining elements of chiptune, modern prog metal, and electronica, Zantilla manages to ground itself into multiple scenes. Adrian first made a name for himself as remix artist “Sleeper Express” and brings his production techniques and synth heavy style to Zantilla’s energetic aesthetic. His debut album, “Encounters” displays this energy at it’s highest as it takes listeners through a sci-fi inspired adventure. Currently, he is writing collaborating with titans of the chiptune, and djent metal scene, as well as porducing his next release, “Color-Motion”.


CHIPwin and Play It Loud are also helping to run our retro gaming room with classic consoles and TV’s provided through the Orlando Science Center, because SCIENCE!!

I should probably also point out that with these amazing artists joining up, our total number of performers has now surpassed 70. :)

And as always, thank you for your support!!!!

Announcing the #ONF2014 LIVE! Kickstarter!

#ONF2014 LIVE! Kickstarter

^^^Click the photo to check it all out!^^^

The #ONF2014 LIVE! project is a collaboration between other industry legends and ourselves in the hopes of producing a live CD and DVD of 2014′s Orlando Nerd Fest to capture the magic and spirit of Nerd Culture. We’re looking for those that proudly wave their fandom flags high, no matter their chosen passion, to come together with us and be a part of nerd history in the making!

The other cool thing about this project is that 10% of all CD and DVD sales made pre and post Kickstarter go directly into our charity benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

Our Kickstarter:

Not only can you pre-order the CD and DVD, but you can also get t-shirts, stickers, posters, and even your name in the credits of the DVD and thank you inserts of the CD! Do you want to be a Producer of the DVD or have your company listed as a sponsor of the project? No problem, we’ve got a tier for that!

As an added bonus we’ve partnered with other industry giants to put together a comprehensive list of some of the most unique and legendary items that has ever been assembled! A Guitar signed by Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico? A Drum Head signed by Chihiro Fujioka? Perhaps some signed composition sheets by some of gaming’s hottest composers? These are just some of the rewards available to you for supporting our dream in making this project a reality!

Have you ever wanted to meet Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu? World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes? God of War composer Gerard Marino? This is your big chance to get some 1 on 1 face time with these legendary composers responsible for some of the most iconic video game music that has ever been produced!

We understand the risks of crowd funding and have a firm and positive outlook that there should be no issue reaching and even surpassing our goal. The community is strong, the people are good, and together we can accomplish anything.

All that is left now, is to prove it.

Don’t forget to sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST to be automatically entered into monthly drawings for 2 free 3-Day Passes for the Orlando Nerd Fest!

Richie Branson has been announced for ONF2014 and The Day After Show!

They say that there is no greater power than the power of the people, but I bet you would be pretty surprised at the power that a single person actually has in bringing those people together. This next artist was pretty upset that Toonami on Cartoon Network was canceled, so he started a musical campaign to get it brought back. Spoiler alert: It worked. I’m talking about the incredible Richie Branson!!!

Richie Branson (born Marcus Brown II) is a music composer and producer who has worked with a variety of notable brands including Marvel Studios and Def Jam Recordings. He is also an accomplished hip-hop artist, gaining notoriety in 2012 after penning multiple songs for Adult Swim and touring with mc chris. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album. He’ll be both performing at ONF2014 and headlining The Day After Show!

Here’s a video of him doing his thing at Omnicon 2013:

It just goes to show that when you have a dream or goal that you wish to obtain, to never give up and always do your best because you never really know what you can achieve until you try!

The “likes” on our Facebook Page still climb at an astonishing rate, and those RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page keep climbing as well! Thank you everyone for your support!

Make sure that you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST so that you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

The Detectives have been announced!

Criminals beware! Orlando Nerd Fest has always been well known for our crack team of investigative crime solvers! Wait, what? You’re telling me that those guys we hired are actually a band? Oh, but it’s ok because they ALSO solve crimes! Well that’s good enough, right? We’re super happy to announce that The Detectives are in the house for ONF2014!!!

The Detectives are an all original Reggae/Beach-Rock/Ska band hailing from Central Florida right in the middle of all the beautiful beach life the state has to offer. The combined efforts of a few band nerds, old school rockers, chorus boys, and some funky horns collaborating to bring you chillest rhythms your earbuds will allow.

Here’s a some tracks for you to check out:

Solving crimes or not, their live show is definitely a really cool addition to our already outstanding roster. We’re really trying to give you that super awesome music festival feeling by nailing down an extremely talented and diverse lineup.

It’s amazing how many “likes” you guys are getting our Facebook Page! Keep those and the RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page rising and we’ll keep announcing!

Make sure to sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST so that you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

DJ CUTMAN has been announced!

At Orlando Nerd Fest we sure do love our robot performers! We’ve got robot singers, robot guitar players, robot surfers, and robot DJ’s. Hopefully they don’t band together and rise up against us and enslave us, because that would not be cool. As for this next announcement, it’s a well known fact that some DJ’s are dope, and some DJ’s are fresh, but some people say that this next DJ is a CUT above the rest. DJ CUTMAN!!!

DJ CUTMAN is a passionate and prolific DJ and producer of Chiptune and video game remixes. His record label GameChops is the first of it’s kind to license dance music remixes from major video game publishers like Nintendo and Sega. He hosts a weekly chiptune show “This Week In Chiptune” spotlighting some of the world’s best chip-musicians, and authors the blog

Here’s a video of him rocking at MAGfest earlier this year:

You can be sure that DJ CUTMAN is ready to melt some faces at the dance party this year so you better bring any extra E-Tanks that you may have laying around, because you’re gonna need them!

Those “likes” on our Facebook Page and those RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page are going up so fast that it’s been hard to keep up with the announcements. Thank you so much for your outstanding support!

Don’t forget to sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST so that you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

MagiTek has been announced for ONF2014 and The Day After Show!

Science and Magic are two very powerful sides to the same coin. Those that can combine these forces can create the ever-experimental and evolving but always unified sound waves that take control of the crowd and get those feet moving. Of course we’re talking about the one and only MagiTek!!!

MagiTechnicians use their unique skills in manipulating sound patterns to alter space and bend time to their will. It is a said that the Aurora Borealis is a representation of the end trails of a space-time rip that was once repaired by the sub-harmonic frequencies put forth by an entire alien race taking part in the “Deep Space Step”.

Here’s some video of MagiTek taking mental control of an audience:

Whether it’s defending the earth, creating Homonculi, beating up waves of bad guys, or practicing their unique 16-bit wizardry, MagiTek is sure to get your blood pumping and your power levels raised!

The “likes” on our Facebook Page are still jumping up at an amazing pace! We’ve still got more announcements to make, so make sure to also RSVP on the ONF2014 Event Pageso you don’t miss a thing!

Also, if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

M.I.L.D. Fleet has been announced!

Some of the best things in existence are good things mixed with other good things to make an even greater thing, so what do you get when you mix dope hip hop with awesome gaming, amazing anime, and kick-ass cosplay? You get the M.I.L.D. Fleet!!!

They are gamers, rappers, and lyricists. They live by the motto “G.F.L till I die” (Gamer for Life). Double J.B “SwagSwitcha” and MaNiC Elite are looking to take hip hop by storm. They represent a place were music from Anime and Video Games of all kinds cross paths and create a new sound that has never been heard before. The group Music Intellectually Lives Down (aka M.I.L.D) is out to create their own style of music. Some call it Gamer Hip-Hop, others call it Nerdcore, but we will leave it up to you to give it a name.

Here’s a video for the “Cosplay Remix”:

Mild Fleet is known for their energy on stage, there clever and cunning lyrics that cannot be matched, and there over all presents on the mic and on the stage as individuals and a group.

As the “likes” on the Facebook Page keep going up, we’ll keep making announcements until we run out! Also, don’t forget to RSVP on the ONF2014 Event Page!!

Make sure to sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST to be automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

Descendants of Erdrick have been announced!

In the true spirit of role-playing/adventure games, songs can be arranged and constructed to tell a story. This is often done using sound effects, original lyrics, and visuals alongside the instrumentals to establish a particular mood. A lot of bands can do this, but very few have mastered the craft as perfectly as the Descendants of Erdrick!!!

Founded in 2009, Descendants of Erdrick is fronted by guitarist/vocalist Amanda Lepre. The band’s repertoire covers soundtracks from classic adventure franchises and games such as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and Dragon Warrior (a.k.a. Dragon Quest): the first-ever console JRPG and inspiration for the band’s namesake.

Here’s them playing “Secret of Mana” live:

The Descendants of Erdrick are well known to leave the crowd misty eyed due to the intensity of the nostalgia rush that their live shows provide. They have assured us that ONF2014 will be no different.

So many people are “liking” the Facebook Page that it’s getting hard to keep up! Make sure to RSVP on the ONF2014 Event Page so you don’t miss a thing!

Sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST to be automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

E-Turn and SPS have been announced for The Day After Show!

There are those that think Hip Hop as a whole has gotten a bit stale over the years, where mindless rhymes bounce along low effort rhythms and cheap drum loops. This next announcement is definitive proof that there are still real MC’s and DJ’s out there changing the world. I’m talking about the absolutely stellar E-Turn and SPS!!!

E-Turn and SPS are on a mission to prove that real Hip Hop not only still exists, but that it is still just as much of an art form as it ever was. Their live show will mesmerize and embrace you, with E-Turn bringing the heat and SPS scratching vinyl in ways that would make Wolverine jealous. This is more than a simple performance, this is an experience!

Here’s the video from one of our favorite tracks:

Like I said, these 2 are something that you need to pay attention to. The road to rebuilding Hip Hop may be a long and winding path, but in my personal opinion they are definitely up to the task.

The “likes” on our Facebook Page are still jumping up at an amazing pace! We’ve still got more announcements to make, so make sure to also RSVP on the ONF2014 Event Pageso you don’t miss a thing!

Also, if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

Visual Kei J-Rock band ViViD has been announced!

We’ve announced acts that touch upon so many different aspects of Nerd Culture that it makes my head spin, but there is a special group of people that are more fanatic in there hobbies than anyone else that always seems to somehow slip through the cracks at these larger music festivals. I’m talking about the Anime Fans. Well I’m here to say that don’t you guys and gals DARE think that we’ve forgotten about you! In fact to prove our loyalty to you we’ve booked one of the most amazing Visual Kei J-Rock bands out there, ViViD!!!

ViViD has promised us that they’re going to rock the house harder than you could ever imagine! Their style and energy is absolutely insane, and trust me when I say that it’s going to drive you totally wild! ViViD has a TON of epic music out there, including some songs that have been openings or closing themes to some really cool Anime shows such as their track “Blue” from Bleach. That’s a pretty awesome connection since we also happen to have the voice actor for Bleach’s main character Ichigo, Johnny Yong Bosch, eh?

Speaking of Bleach, here is ViViD performing “Blue” live for about a bajillion people:

Just so you know how awesome this really is, ViViD is a major label band direct from Japan. So direct in fact, that performing at the Orlando Nerd Fest will be their first performance EVER in the United States! We were able to bring them out due to your amazing and early support in purchasing Supporter Badges and some awesome sponsorship help from Babel Entertainment and KN Designs! We can’t freaking wait!

Also on the topic of support, the “likes” on the Facebook Page speeding along so fast that it’s becoming hard to announce bands fast enough! Those along with the RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page are climbing with the speed of rocket ships! Thank you for supporting our show and helping us to achieve so many amazing goals!

Remember, if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawings to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014! Don’t miss out! (I would also recommend reserving your hotel rooms now, as they are filling up SUPER FAST!)

Orlando Nerd Fest will be at Video Games Live for their Florida shows!

This is such a super huge and exciting announcement for us! Orlando Nerd Fest is super proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with Video Games Live for all of their Florida shows!!! We’ll be both selling tickets to #ONF2014 as well as giving away some 3-day passes as prizes for certain official VGL events! That’s super awesome! Make sure to find us and give us hugs!

Check out the amazing trailer for Video Games Live here:

You can get your tickets and VIP passes for Video Games Live HERE! Do it! Do it now! We promise you that it will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

As for #ONF2014, the “likes” on the Facebook Page and the RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page keep climbing! We’ve still got a ways to go before all artists are announced, so keep ‘em coming!

Also, if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawings to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

Random, aka MegaRan and K-Murdock have been announced!

This next announcement has been the #1 most requested artist on our 100 artist poll ever since we started it! He also just happens to be make music about mega-man that’s so incredible that he’s been personally thanked by Capcom. And not only is he performing at ONF2014, but he’s bringing a friend! I’m talking about the dynamic duo of Random, aka MegaRan and K-Murdock!!!

Random has been best friends with the nerd music scene for what seems like forever now. In fact I would even go so far as to say that he’s the hardest working musician that represents nerdcore hip-hop. His entire persona of MegaRan is built of nothing but pure love and a talent for displaying that love in everything that he does.

Here’s an amazing video put together by Chris Allen for Splashwoman:

With the incredible K-Murdock by his side Random is capable of turning something as small as a simple performance into a fan’s lifetime memory, and it is obvious why they would be the #1 most requested act at ONF2014.

Our “likes” on the Facebook Page are still climbing, along with the RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page! We’re going to reward your support with EVEN MORE artist announcements!

Don’t forget that if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawings to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

MC Frontalot has been announced!

This man needs no introduction. MC Frontalot!!!

I love his bio… “MC Frontalot was born Moshe Chang Frontchett in an East River drainage ditch in 1973. The fronting has increased exponentially since. Sixteen years of rap stardom, seven and a half world tours, and thirty-nine platinum albums find MC Frontalot threatening retirement. His legion of fans will sob quietly to themselves.” That’s freaking awesome.

Here’s a classic MC Frontalot video:

I mean really, what else needs to be said?

Thank you for all of the “likes” on our Facebook Page and all of the “going” on the ONF2014 Event Page! Keep those numbers climbing because we’ve SERIOUSLY got quite a ways to go to get everyone else announced!

Also remember that if you sign up for OUR EMAIL LIST you are automatically entered into our drawing to win 2 free passes to #ONF2014!

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