A massive FANTOKU Thank You!


This is going to be a long post so please bear with us, but we wanted to get it out there ASAP.

After talking to staff and vendors and musicians and a few other involved parties and crunching our budget numbers we want to announce that for ONF presents – Fantoku: Fantasy Tokusatsu Nerd Fest (Nov. 4&5) we broke almost exactly even!

In case some of you don’t know, we took a massive leap of faith in the community to throw FANTOKU almost immediately after sponsoring The Megas to help Ongaku Overdrive throw their massive love letter to the Mega Man franchise, the upcoming Mega Mania: Celebrating 30 Years of the Blue Bomber, which is going to be amazing and also features other favorites of ours like Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and Kadesh Flow! Our goal here is to help keep Orlando a mega hub of Nerd Music and Geek Culture and do what we can to either bring you amazing shows whenever possible personally, or help the other amazing promoters and venues in the area do so as well.

Did you see that MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, Schaffer the Darklord tour that came through here a few weeks ago? We need to keep this amazing tour stop super active so we can have shows like that touring through Orlando and selling out as much as possible!

That said, we were having to take a lot of risks to bring you such an amazing line up of performers, special guests, and vendors. Holy cow did our performers, special guests, and vendors just absolutely kill it this weekend. Every single one of you was just incredible and amazing. Vendors putting in super long hours and just being the best people in every possible way, special guests just being so helpful to make the show successful, including even dressing up in extra amazing cosplay and sign spinning to draw in more traffic and help the show! OMG we just absolutely love everyone involved with the vendor side of things so much, we literally can’t even… And the performers that killed the stage for everyone live and also watching on the Twitch stream, which got a ton of subs and views and sooooo many compliments on your performances. Just thank you so much for coming out and working with ONF again to make the magic happen.

Our staff. Holy crap, our staff. Cold season wiped out a few people and left us with a skeleton crew. Some even showed up really sick to work the event, but we HAD to send them home to avoid a “patient 0” situation. Thank you so much to them and we hope you feel better soon! The staff that covered all empty spots, (and the people that randomly volunteered (or were “volunteered” by Chozo) that took up positions to help, you’re the reason we survived this weekend. Period. It would have been a disaster if it wasn’t for the volunteers and people that would drop anything to help cover a spot or work a million hours just to help the event succeed. (We all need to get together for a dinner or something to celebrate you all. I will work to ensure that that happens at some point! -Chozo)

The venues, omg, seriously, like the best venues ever. A Comic Shop, The Geek Easy, and Campus Cards & Games 2 really let us put this crazy dream mash up music festival and vendor bazaar together and worked with us to make sure that we did everything we could to make it a success. Shout out to the staff at the card shop that slept overnight Fri and Sat to guarantee our early vendor load in times each day after our previous day’s late ours, and hosting our Dance Party on Friday! Shout out to the staff at the comic shop and bar for handling everything and promoting leading up to the event and giving us the extra half hour on Sunday night to finish up!

Speaking of Sunday night, massive shout out to Shaken Not Stirred Burlesque for hosting such a great after party! We needed to be able to sit and enjoy your comedy and routines and laughed a lot and had a blast! Thank you so much for doing everything you did to ensure we had a successful event, on top of your performances.

I skipped this part above to make James Dechert wonder where his shout out was, lol. It’s right here! James was running the sound and stream all weekend for the massively brutal hours, and he and his team just absolutely nailed it. They kept the schedule running super tight and were able to self adjust and auto correct any time inconsistencies on an also skeleton crew all while making sure the performers were set up professionally and sounding and looking amazing the entire time. TWITCH absolutely LOVED the show, and our rising subscriptions to that channel are all thanks to everyone involved in performing, or making the performing happen.

Huge absolutely massive shouts to my amazing girlfriend Dyanii Fergy for running the ticket table for the ENTIRETY of the event, Diana Galvin and Therese N Milcarsz for running the Vendor Bazaar all weekend, Mo Brothers and his +1 Ty (both winners of a contest to see the show turned staff/volunteers, LIKE WHAT???), Derek Allen Marunowski, Phillip Marunowski, Rosa Sam, Leva Bates (official fb page), Pikabellechu, Rando Calrissian, Randy L. Pence and Izzy Bryant for being absolutely amazing photography staff for the event, Chris Cruz and all of our costume contest judges, Ruby Ravissement and all staff of Shaken Not Stirred Burlesque, Phil Whigham and ALL STAFF of the Card Shop, Aaron Haaland and all staff of the Comic Shop, Adam Tyler and all staff of the Geek Easy, for just making this show happen and just flat out be the best thing ever that we’ve done in a long while. If we missed someone on this list, it’s because the list is so freaking big that we just haven’t recovered enough fully to be able to think properly and process anything properly yet, lol.

Last but certainly not least we definitely need to thank you, the fans, and supporters, and stream watchers, and Patreon Patrons, and those that donated directly (or bought Supporter Passes, my next emails are to you so I can find out who didn’t get their swag from our show! -Chozo) This is YOUR music festival more than it is ours, and you killed it this year fam. We couldn’t do any of this without you and you are the lifeblood of these events. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (I guess I have to keep doing these things since I promised that if they are successful I’d keep doing them as long as you want me to, lol. -Chozo)

Closing words. We want to get bigger. We want to return to a hotel scenario. We want to be able to bring out those big bands we started off with at #ONF2014, like Nobuo Uematsu, Critical Hit, Steam Powered Giraffe. We want to bring out big acts we’ve never been able to host yet, like The Protomen, or The Aquabats!, or Lindsey Stirling! But we can’t do that without your help, or unless Chozo wins the lottery. The best way to make that happen is to donate when you can on our site, or become a patron on our Patreon (http://patreon.com/orlandonerdfest) or using your connections, abilities, friends, family, or businesses to lend us a helping hand to keep costs down or offer new and cool things. Mostly though? Just keep sharing and spreading the word about our events and sharing your memories from our events!

ONF is a Music Festival, convention, and family reunion, and YOU are just as big a part of it as we are, if not more, and we are humbled by your constant support and encouragement. We love you, and we’ll be doing these again as they financially make sense, to keep bringing you more memories and more fun times.

As we left you successful and happy at the end of #ONF2015, we wish to send off FANTOKU, basically our #ONF2017, in the same way:

Cheers, and WE LOVE YOU! See you soon, and GO TO MEGA MANIA this December! We’ll be there, and SO SHOULD YOU!