Costume Contest Online Registration

Register online now for the #ONF2015 Costume Contest!



Spread the word and submit as soon as possible as available slots are limited and will go quickly!

The Fine Print:
Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee approval. The Costume Contest Judges have all final say in what is or is not acceptable in terms of the rules.

1. Any and all media based characters are allowed except for completely original creations.
2. 60% of the costume must be crafted by the contestant, and is also the minimum requirement to be able to officially compete.
3. References must be provided at time of judging otherwise entry will be rejected.
4. In progress photos are recommended but not required.
5. Costumes that have won a major award anywhere else are ineligible to compete for prizes, but may still walk the stage.
6. Costumes must be family friendly. (Anything less than a standard bathing suit is inappropriate.)
7. You may not at any time be barefoot. This requirement is made at the request of the Orlando Science Center and is non-negotiable.
8. If you want to enter wearing a costume that someone else has made, the creator also has to be present.
9. Any costume that just wants to walk on stage without entering is free to do so however is ineligible to win any awards. (Please still fill out this form as available slots may fill up)

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