DJ CUTMAN has been announced!

At Orlando Nerd Fest we sure do love our robot performers! We’ve got robot singers, robot guitar players, robot surfers, and robot DJ’s. Hopefully they don’t band together and rise up against us and enslave us, because that would not be cool. As for this next announcement, it’s a well known fact that some DJ’s are dope, and some DJ’s are fresh, but some people say that this next DJ is a CUT above the rest. DJ CUTMAN!!!

DJ CUTMAN is a passionate and prolific DJ and producer of Chiptune and video game remixes. His record label GameChops is the first of it’s kind to license dance music remixes from major video game publishers like Nintendo and Sega. He hosts a weekly chiptune show “This Week In Chiptune” spotlighting some of the world’s best chip-musicians, and authors the blog

Here’s a video of him rocking at MAGfest earlier this year:

You can be sure that DJ CUTMAN is ready to melt some faces at the dance party this year so you better bring any extra E-Tanks that you may have laying around, because you’re gonna need them!

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