DJ RoboRob has been announced for ONF2014 and The Day After Show!

The best DJ’s are the ones that can not only get the party hopping to other people’s music, but can also cast the same spell with their own library of creations. This guy is just such a man so you better start getting your body ready! We are super excited to announce that the ultra awesome DJ RoboRob will be playing both ONF2014 and The Day After Show!!!

DJ RoboRob brings an amazing energy that incites a collaborative atmosphere during his performances. It makes the party bigger, happier, and more inclusive. Whether rocking the stage by himself or putting on one of his famous “RoboRob and Friends” sets, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Here’s a track to get you ready to party hearty:

You better make sure that you’re extra hydrated because on that dance floor he’s really going to make you sweat. His high energy performances can draw massive heat from even the most unlikely of power sources.

The “likes” on the Facebook Page and the “goings” on the ONF2014 Event Page keep climbing at an astounding rate, and that’s a good thing because we’ve still got quite a ways to go before everyone is announced!

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