FANTOKU: Fantasy Tokusatsu Nerd Fest!


Good evening fellow Gumshoes! We here at ONF Detective Agency Headquarters have been watching while you’ve been hard at work putting the case together for the special event we’ve been planning for this November, and we feel that you deserve a reward so we’re going to reveal some more special information for you that may help with your investigation.

First of all we want to thank you for your constant support past, present, and future. You’re the stars of this show and we couldn’t put these things together without each and every one of you helping us in your own individual ways. You’ve been donating money, sharing posts, inviting your friends, and your enthusiasm has lit a fire in our hearts once again, reminding us as to why we love throwing these events with you in the first place. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Secondly, we’ve been trying to figure out how to approach this event, which started out as a single day 4 performance afternoon, and has changed into a 2-3 day long massive event with 20 or so performances, a full size costume pre-judged costume contest, and our first ever free to the public vendor bazaar! We’ve added special guests that will be announced soon, a bunch of amazing artists and vendors, and holy crap a special guest host that we can’t wait to tell you about!

Most importantly though, we wanted to announce the actual name of the event! We’ve been working very closely with local legend Rando Calrissian and we feel that while this event is definitely festival sized in scope, calling it ONF2017 just didn’t seem appropriate because we don’t want people to come assuming that we’ll have all of our usual additions and crazy stuff we do or that we’ll have expensive ticket prices. Rando was able to come up with a wonderful name that encapsulates everything we’ll be bringing to you for the event, so we’re super proud to announce:

FANTOKU: Fantasy Tokusatsu Nerd Fest!

FANTOKU logo and design created and owned by Rando Calrissian

This makes a lot of sense for us because we like to bring together as many fandoms as we can to unite together under our house banner of everything Nerd Culture. This event alone we’re featuring a wide variety of things ranging from Final Fantasy, Anime, Board Games, Comic Books, all the way back to Power Rangers! You’re really going to like the announcement that comes with that last topic, but that will come later this week. šŸ™‚

Once again, we really want to hammer it home that we’re super grateful that you continue to support us in the things we do, which allows us to bring you some of the best memories we’ve ever been able to share together as a family. You are the lifeblood of ONF and everything we achieve and you should feel super proud of that, just like we do!


More announcements soon to come, and make sure to give Rando Calrissian a huge high five and pat on the back because he’s been putting in a lot of work on our promotional material that we’re going to be giving you very soon, as well as helping to bring bands and special guests out here from far away to celebrate with you! Buy the guy a BEER!

Major shout out again to those of you that have been sending us donations, and those of you that are patrons Patreon! The more people that join the team, the more amazing things we can do together!

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