MagiTek announced for FANTOKU!

Performer Unlocked!

Science and Magic are two very powerful sides to the same coin. Those that can combine these forces can create the ever-experimental and evolving but always unified sound waves that take control of the crowd and get those feet moving. Whether it’s defending the earth, creating Homonculi, beating up waves of bad guys, or practicing their unique 16-bit wizardry, MagiTek is sure to get your blood pumping and your power levels raised!

MagiTechnicians use their unique skills in manipulating sound patterns to alter space and bend time to their will. It is a said that the Aurora Borealis is a representation of the end trails of a space-time rip that was once repaired by the sub-harmonic frequencies put forth by an entire alien race taking part in the “Deep Space Step”. For FANTOKU, MagiTek will be bringing bringing you their award winning experimental project, past present and future.

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