Musical Performances at ONF’s FANTOKU

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(last updated: 10/31/2017)

The Returners

…are a five-piece VGM (video game music) band based in Austin, Texas. Among their claims to fame are a flute-playing front-woman and a singing drummer. They breathe new life into songs from retro and modern video games in a live rock band setting, along with a few non-gaming favorites from cartoons, musical theater and more. They’re a little metal, a little symphonic, and a lot nerdy.

Gerard K. Marino presents: GKMusique

…exploded into the game music scene in 2005 as the principal composer for the original GOD OF WAR series and further cemented his reputation for larger-than-life thematic orchestral writing with his scores for DC UNIVERSE ONLINE and THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN. Gerard has now fused his past with his present to synthesize future bass in GKMusique where he mashes up, remixes, and re-arranges beloved orchestral game themes from Western composers of the last decade with current club tracks and beats: Kratos vs. Kill The Noise, Abzu vs. Aoki, Overwatch vs. Oakenfold, and everything in between.

Dual Core

…has been rocking the more studious side of the hip hop underground since 2007. Longtime favorites of those that attend such things as DEFCON, these musical giants are a perfect example of technology based Hip Hop and the culture behind it. Recently, Dual Core’s song “All the Things” was featured in the hit game Watch Dogs 2 as not only a featured track, but pretty much the anthem of the entire game itself.

Wreck The System

…is a Nerdcore Hip Hop group that consists of 4 members. Lady J, Osiris Green, Cam3, and Twill Distilled. Their music incorporates many other genres like rock, EDM, dirty pop, dubstep, chip-tunes, and pretty much everything else into their music. They also have an overlying message that many of their fans both new and old are brought together by, which is to “BE WHO YOU ARE WITHOUT FEAR”! This mission exists in order to encourage people to be and love themselves for who they are, and to not blindly follow the trends that so many people in today’s society get lost in.

The Marc With a C Trio

…has been featured in Wired magazine, has won the Orlando Weekly award for Best Indie Act in 2003, 2010 and 2011, nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter for three years running in the same publication, has played festivals you might have heard of, and his live shows are sweaty pop workouts – whether he’s playing solo or with his trio. His last seven albums have gone to #1 on Bandcamp’s indie pop vinyl charts within days of release, and he’s considered “canon” in the Rocky Horror universe due to his songs appearing on the blu-ray for the sequel, Shock Treatment. He’s also shared stages and toured with the likes of They Might Be Giants, The Dead Milkmen, The Protomen, Judy Tenuta and a number of other artists well known artists.

Professor Shyguy

…is recently known for singing “Starring Star”, the Funimation dub outro to Dragon Ball Super. He can also be heard on Indoor Kids, Diamond Club, and many other podcasts. The best description for Professor Shyguy’s music is as follows; high energy, chiptune-electro-rocking, 8-bit, epicly vocalized, highly dance-able, theatrical nerd-pop. Singing 50% about video games and the other 50% is anything from Space/Time to English Language gymnastics.

Ben Briggs

… is a full-time musician, entertainer, and DJ with over a decade of experience, most widely known for remixing video game music. As the co-founder of Tiny Waves and a veteran contributor to GameChops, he has quickly become a key influencer in the industry with successful events and music releases. He has appeared at countless conventions and events worldwide, including Otakon, MAGFest, ConBravo in Canada and Minami Convention in Chile, South America.


…is freaking awesome. They’re the true embodiment of what “Geek Rock” is. In fact, if you looked up the definition of Geek Rock, you’d see their picture next to it! They’ve been a staple of the Orlando Nerd Fest for years, and have been playing gigs way before that even. The talent and experience in this band is second to none. Recently, Captain Dan of the Scurvy Crew has joined their ranks, making this unstoppable force even more contentious as the eye of the storm for all things rock.


…grew up in Alabama. Most of his neighborhoods were polluted with drugs, gangs, and violence. Surrounded by negativity and transitioning into various foster homes, he could have easily chosen the wrong path. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, SkyBlew chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul and escape. His music is proving to be unique with an uplifting, powerful, and positive message in Hip-Hop.

DJ RoboRob

…is a multi-genre producer/DJ currently based out of Dallas, TX. He’s successfully remixed music from video games like Overwatch, Donkey Kong Country, Undertale, Chrono Trigger and loves to collaborate and release tracks that highlight his production style. He has multiple releases with Tiny Waves, Gamechops, Gaxel, and Attack the Music. He has toured the nation, played multiple music and anime conventions and raves, and has shared stage with artists such as: Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Excision, Global Deejays, Mickey Avalon, Hieroglyphics, Nappy Roots, and many others.


…uses their unique skills in manipulating sound patterns to alter space and bend time to their will. It is a said that the Aurora Borealis is a representation of the end trails of a space-time rip that was once repaired by the sub-harmonic frequencies put forth by an entire alien race taking part in the “Deep Space Step”. For FANTOKU, MagiTek will be bringing bringing you their award winning experimental project, past present and future.


…is one of the rising stars of the Orlando Hip-Hop scene, and she’s been a staple performer of several ONF events for many years now. Her performances have been known to evoke an emotional response from a large spectrum of fans, and her passion and talent are among the best of any Master of Ceremonies that you can put on a stage. Her skill sets include chaining together quick witted and meaningful lyrics that will make you think, and belting out soulful vocals in a melodic tone that will make you feel it.

Symphonic Pheenix Force

…is a nerdcore hip-hop group with musical sights set upon nostalgic entertainment and equipped puns into one accord. Based out of Tampa, FL, SPF includes Philonius Phunk, LX, Terrible Toad King, SirenSeraph, and Swag Switcha. Their hit single, “About To Start Rapping,” not only hit online airwaves but also has been featured in mainstream hip-hop magazines published by 50 Cent and Waka Flocka Flame. They have made many guest appearances at other Florida based conventions such as Anime Festival Orlando, ShadoCon, and LAMEcon just to name a few.


…is an Orlando based producer and DJ specializing in K-Pop, J-Pop, and anime remixes. Known for very versatile performances, he brings a wide range of energy to any party. Whether it be feel good house music or heavy hitting trap tunes, he’s got you covered. You might recognize him if you frequent events like Anime Festival Orlando, Ongaku Overdrive, or pretty much anything involving Tiny Waves. PolyKarp has made a big splash in Orlando, and it’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Nuclear Bubble Wrap

…is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics. They’re known for their sense of humor and tendency to lean towards nerdy references and subject matter. They quickly started getting airplay on the Dr. Demento Show and became members of The Funny Music Project. In 2010, Nuclear Bubble Wrap released their first full length studio album, Exploding Head Syndrome.


…is a pretty cool guy who occasionally yells at a microphone and calls the results music. Influenced by the Minneapolis punk and hip hop scenes, he creates rap music that is sporadic, energetic, and often just plain fun. A member of the nerdcore community for nearly a decade, StarF has performed along side the best of them and all across the country.

Jackson Parodi

…is an accordion player who specializes in music from video games, memes, professional wrestling, and everything in between. He releases weekly accordion videos on YouTube, and regularly broadcasts accordion music on Twitch. Jackson has performed at such events as Awesome Games Done Quick, Zeldathon, TwitchCon, MAGFest, and Smash the Record.


…is Orlando’s hometown geeky a cappella group! With the popularity of shows like Glee and movies like Pitch Perfect, a cappella performances are back in the mainstream—and Geekapella is here to make sure pop culture is represented. They’ve performed alongside bands like Emerald Rose, The Doubleclicks, and The Cog is Dead, turning every event into a real concert with music from all your favorite fandoms.

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