ONF Mystery Show – Nov. 4th Weekend

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Ok ok, that aside, YES, we’re super sorry for the radio silence since #ONF2015, which was an amazing show where we broke EXACTLY EVEN! That’s a super amazing thing to be able to say, and we want to thank you and especially thank the Orlando Science Center for saving our butts and being an amazing venue and a crazy fun experience! That said, we’re focused on making our shows be successful, both aesthetically and monetarily, and I’ll be honest with you, I NEEDED A VACATION FROM EVENTS (and so did my wallet!)


We’re going to start this out slow, and patiently work our way towards the next big Orlando Nerd Fest event. Personally? I want to try to do a hotel thing again, but it will take some doing and some serious funding to make it happen. We’ve got some fun activities for you though while you wait for us to get our SMACK together, and that leads me into this announcement.

We’re working with some amazing bands and supporters and sponsors and vendors to help put together a run of local events that we KNOW FOR A FACT that you’ll enjoy the hell out of. How do we know you will? Because we know you want to see that MASSIVE ONF REVIVAL, so you’ll be here with us rocking along and making it happen! Cryptic troll that I am though, (and the fact that our first event is in November, lol) I want to milk this out and have some fun with y’all leading into it, so I’m being very catty and Wendy’s Girl level sassy about dropping the information. IT’S JUST THAT AWESOME GUYS LIKE OMFG!

TL;DR here, is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US! and we’re doing a Mystery Show on the weekend of November 4th, 2017 here in Orlando, Florida!

Info and details will be laid out soon, because you’re all way too darn smart for your own good and have been picking apart my trollish puns and miss-spellings and even pulling apart alpha numerical codes that even I didn’t know were clues. I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, GADGET!~!~!~!

*flys off in rocket powered car*