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(last updated: 7/30/2015)

mc chris

went on to make his own version of Hip Hop, rapping about Star Wars, Harry Potter and everything anyone else one might call nerdy. At the same time he combined it with tales of suburban woe, unrequited love, drug addiction, isloation, depression and loss. In spite of the dramatic core of the music it’s always fun and funny, especially if you like things like pizza and ninjas.

The Cog is Dead

is a steampunk band with a bit of a musical identity crisis, playing music of various styles. Their influences range from rock and roll to ragtime to Russian folk music and movie scores. The members all portray steampunk time-travelers from the year 1893. As a time traveling band they travel to various points of time spreading their message to save steam power and analog clockwork while playing their marvelous melodies for all to hear and enjoy.

Shinobi Ninja

is a genre twisting band with an explosive live show from Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008 by friends and colleagues, the group’s six diverse characters create a unique sound as they mash-up Pop, Hip-Hop, Metal and Punk. Every member of the band has an already impressive and amazing background in the music industry and an incredible musical talent that has only gotten better over time.

Mega Ran

has been best friends with the nerd music scene for what seems like forever now. In fact I would even go so far as to say that he’s the hardest working musician that represents nerdcore hip-hop. His entire persona of Mega Ran is built of nothing but pure love and a talent for displaying that love in everything that he does.

Allie Goertz

is a musician and comedian whose obsession with pop-culture and heart ache has born an album of nerdy love songs, two popular TV-themed podcasts, and an incurable addition to Twitter. Since releasing her first crowd-sourced album, Cossbysweater, Allie has been touring the country opening for and playing alongside her favorite musicians and comics.

E-Turn and SPS

are on a mission to prove that real Hip Hop not only still exists, but that it is still just as much of an art form as it ever was. Their live show will mesmerize and embrace you, with E-Turn bringing the heat and SPS scratching vinyl in ways that would make Wolverine jealous. This is more than a simple performance, this is an experience!


strays away from putting labels on his style and instead does what he feels. As he says, “My goal isn’t just to make music, I want to Paint the Sky Blew!” To him being alive is all about having fun, spreading LOVE, being yourself & enjoying life, and his music shows it!

The House of Black

is a wrock/electronica band celebrating the Harry Potter universe and fandom! She has been featured in several magazines, documentaries, and news stories and her music has even been used in HP fan films! The House of Black’s musical style is very electro-pop and perfect to rave to so break out your wands, hula hoops, and glow sticks and get ready to dance!

The Brothers Of Alien Rock

are music loving extraterrestrials that have crash landed on the planet Earth and it is their destiny to fight and save Earth’s inhabitants from the grips of the menacing sound killing SoulSuckers with their AWESOME filled ROCK AND ROLL!

Broken Pixels

are best known for doing the Official theme song for THQ’s “Saints Row the Third” in November of 2011, and being included on the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Edition. The influences behind their productions ranges from comic books to old school hip-hop to video games both old and new.

Richie Branson

is a music composer, producer and now game designer who has worked with a variety of notable brands including Marvel Studios and Def Jam Recordings. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album.

Kieran Strange

is an artist to watch both online and off by media outlets worldwide. Kieran Strange is a quirky, dynamic young artist blending pop sensibilities, edgy guitars, and extremely high-energy live shows into her own personal brand of British pop-rock.


likes to keep it punk! They’re going to be bringing their highly charged and super energetic performance towards the end of the festival to help make sure that we end everything with a *BANG* that you won’t soon forget!

Clockwork Knotwork

is truly a one-of-a-kind show incorporating traditional turn-of-the-century music with a wide range of styles providing a musical “movie in your mind”. They’re well known as a highly theatrical, musical show featuring intense violin and cello, sexy percussion, and good ol’ fashion banjo and mandolin.

Random Encounter

has been featured on, TED: Ideas Worth Sharing, won Best Rock & Indie Band in Orlando as voted by readers of the Orlando Weekly, performed in practically every major city on the East Coast, led the March of a Thousand Zombies, and has even fought rival bands with instruments, boxing gloves, holy water, and longsword!

Valentine Wolfe

composes and performs Victorian Chamber Metal and Dark Ambient Soundscapes that feature soprano voice and electronically manipulated double bass. Victorian Chamber Metal is inspired by all things old, dark, and forbidden: Think Penny Dreadful , Edgar Allan Poe, post mortem photography and heavy metal in a divinely decadent cocktail of sound.

Navi + Picnibus

is a band with an unusual musical baseline: a solely unique homage to hip hop and hardcore clothed in a healthy blend of psychedelia and nerdcore lyricism. This summer, Navi + Picnibus ​embark on their first tour of the Lower East Coast, including performing at the Orlando Nerd Fest!

Marc with a C

is a prolific lo-fi nerdy singer-songwriter. He specializes in interactive shows, and songs about squids, technological horrors and retro values. He’s been releasing records for over fifteen years, with his last three releases consistently reaching the #1 spot on Bandcamp’s vinyl charts.

Professor Shyguy

is Chiptune’s equivalent of Justin Timberlake working with Timbaland. Smart, fun, and sassy as all hell, Professor Shyguy works the audiences for his live shows so hard that they end up sweating even more than he does.

Moonmen From Mars

have released three EP’s (The Horrors of Dr. Jones, Fear & Terror, and the forthcoming I Want To Believe) and opened for such bands as the Murder Junkies & Agent Orange. They’ve won the Orlando Weekly’s BEST OF 2 years in a row with Best New Rock Act in 2013 and Best New Release for “The Horrors of Dr. Jones” EP in 2014.


feels like the creativity of music is limitless and without bounds, and he hopes to explore all the possibilities thought out his musical journey. He makes music from the heart and has always been attracted to music that makes him feel the passion and love for the freedom of the unfiltered expression through music.

Killer Robots

formed a band in hopes of drawing upon the limitless power of the fifth dimension. In the process, they opened a doorway to an army of vengeful mutants. The Killer Robots play a mixture of surf and punk while taped inside thousands of pounds of plastic and fiberglass.

Redgar and the Fighters

play catchy, up-tempo nerd punk. Their songs are fast, fun forays into fantastic frontiers; touching on titillating topics like time travel, pirates, and the economics of Dungeons and Dragons.

Smashy Claw

is an experimental rock band from Denver, Colorado. Always striving for each song to be different from the last, the group is distinguished by their quirky lyrics and catchy, layered orchestration.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap

is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics.


is a nerdcore artist from Orlando, Florida. If you enjoy anything from the Poké-Verse you definitely need to check out his latest album, Pallet 2 Plateau: A Pokémon Hip-Hop Album!


started rapping at the age of 8 and began developing his talents over a number of years after being influenced by the “Rap’s Greatest Hits” tape his sister had let him borrow. As the years went by of him receiving albums from his Dad, Ardamus decided to participate in the culture more directly at the age of 13.

Milk Carton Superstars

make songs out of guitars, drums and some reasonable words. They formed in 2007 when old friends Guy Larmay (guitars, bass) and Jim Myers (vocals, drums) began writing together again for the first time. They’ve released three full-length albums (2013’s “Sesame Streetcar Named Disaster” squeaked on to the CMJ 200 chart) and a two-song single (for which Nerdy.FM held a listening party), and have a new LP expected in early 2016.

Benjamin Briggs

is a self-made musician and has been a producer for more than a decade. Though he is best known for remixing video game music, he also creates his own original work with a focus on fusing chiptunes with modern soundscapes. He has also composed, and is currently composing soundtracks for multiple independent video games.

King Pheenix

has been a recording artist since 2003. Getting his start at the age of 15 rapping in street cyphers and plenty of freestyle sessions, now his fire is Eternal. Throughout the years, Phee has perfected his craft. Now this objective tops his list – Make Hip Hop by any means necessary. After a revitalization through an introduction to the Nerdcore community by fellow musician (and longtime friend) MC 8bit, the mission has strengthened – make real Hip Hop with a nerdy twinge.


is the ultimate “indie” hip hop artist. His DIY attitude, insatiable need to create, and “control freak” tendencies have allowed him to flourish and accomplish more than many of his contemporaries signed to “major” labels with bigger budgets. Because of this his resume is undeniable. In just a little over 10 years in the business he dropped 10+ albums, a voting member of the Grammys, been the subject of a documentary, released a book, written and directed several short films, and written and directed his first feature film.


an electronic/acoustic duo from Louisville, KY. Our emotions are poured into every sound we convey. We are synth and guitar, digital and organic. We enjoy creating music that can take you to somewhere new or that brings back memories you might have forgotten. We have put out one EP and one album so far, and we are currently working on the OST for the upcoming video game series, Sanctum Polis. Our influences include Boards of Canada, The xx, and the music from the MOTHER video game series.


have one mission: bring the highest quality in entertainment beyond all expectations. This duo formed out of a love of unique, specialized music, and they hope that they can advance the experience of finding sounds and lyrics for an audience open to both the ridiculous and the deeply complex. Eschewing traditional front-man roles, the boys let the words and melodies speak for themselves. They hide their faces for anonymity and let the rhymes define who they are. Mostly they just want to cut loose and invite folks that come to see them to share the energy they bring to the stage.


is a female fronted electronica act inspired by the love of fantasy novels, ancient alchemical scholars, and a hint of magical-girl anime. Along with a unique electronic act based on loops, dance-y bass beats, and haunting female vocals, LILITH is in part a performance art that takes the audience into a world of Full Metal Alchemist-like magical circles and hidden covens. And although original inspiration came from her love of fantasy, it wasn’t long until it became a sincere part of her personal spiritual journey. Lauren is a Witch. What happens on stage is a real life ritual. The Magick is real, just like the sound moving and shaking you.


Somewhere between Nerdcore/hiphop/alternative jazz, with a hint of j-pop/rock influence, and the 8-16 bit video game era is where you’ll find O_super. He is heavily inspired by various Japanese/American music composers ranging from “Nirvana”, “A Tribe Called Quest”, “The Pillows, and “Nujabes”. O_Super most recently worked with Mag-Lo to create the official CEO2015 fighting game tournament theme song.


is Orlando’s only geeky a cappella group. Do you like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Anime, or just enjoy nerd culture? You’ll find all this and more in their repertoire. Since their formation at Nerdapalooza in 2012, Geekapella has been performing at conventions all over Florida and are totally pumped to be performing again at Orlando Nerd Fest this year.


Science and Magic are two very powerful sides to the same coin. Those that can combine these forces can create the ever-experimental and evolving but always unified sound waves that take control of the crowd and get those feet moving. Whether it’s defending the earth, creating Homonculi, beating up waves of bad guys, or practicing their unique 16-bit wizardry, MagiTek is sure to get your blood pumping and your power levels raised!


Few things get the blood flowing like a nerd music super group bringing together a bunch of skilled musicians to form an awesome total package. Comparable examples of these things would be stuff like the Justice League, Voltron, and bacon on just about anything. They’ll be bringing you some dope new stuff that will blow your mind as well as some of those classics that you already know and love them for.

DJ RoboRob

The best DJ’s are the ones that can not only get the party hopping to other people’s music, but can also cast the same spell with their own library of creations. DJ RoboRob is just such a man so you definitely need to make sure to start getting your body ready now! He brings such an amazing energy that can incite a rampant and uncontrollable urge to dance that it makes the party bigger, happier, and more inclusive.


is an indie singer/songwriter with roots in the nerdcore hip-hop, 8-bit music, and video game remix communities stretching back for well over a decade. He has released a total of eight solo albums and done production/remix work for a large number of artists including YTCracker and Schaffer the Darklord. The audience should expect drum machines, synthesizers, and pop music with a nerdy twist.


has been performing at several of our events and is most recognized for backing up Wordburglar at the last Orlando Nerd Fest. He’s been throwing his own geeky shows and supporting the scene for several years and it only makes sense that he’s also going to be spinning in our DJ Space representing #ONF2015!

DJ McChicken

is a 17-year-old DJ and producer who fills his set with everything from chiptune to juke. Since 2012, he’s gone through many different genres under many different names until the adorable, glittery, and neon vibes of DJ McChicken became his focus. Since then, DJ McChicken has gained the attention and support of several such as Loki, Cherishh, Cool Teens, Hella Stella, and Wildfire.


is a high energy Nerdcore act that takes no prisoners, It is sometimes a solo act but also includes live instrumentation from various VGM heave hitters. LucioPro is known for his clever lyrics,various styles of delivery, and witty/intense stage presence. From Sonic The Hedgehog and Chun-Li to Adventure Time and Game Of Thrones, Lucio’s lyrics stay true to the subject matter and have lots of hidden meanings or “easter eggs” to give the listener a deeper meaning every show!

Steam Mechanics

Stillwater and Arsun F!st created an outlet for their brand of lyricism…One that pays homage to the sound of urgency that was once rooted in Hip-Hop culture. Connoisseurs of tech and hard beats, their chemistry creates songs that blur the lines between scholars and soldiers…Warrior poets if you will, true to themselves and their music. With the recent addition of Paten Locke to the group, Steam Mechanics are now a trifecta.


has rapped for both Chuck D and Bill Nye. That tells you where he is coming from. He has performed at several geek-friendly events such as Orlando Nerd Fest, Nerdapalooza, the St. Petersburg Science Festival and the USA Science and Engineering Festival. He is most likely the only rapper to have performed at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum and the National Science Foundation.


is a pretty cool guy who occasionally yells at a microphone and calls the results music. Influenced by the Minneapolis punk and hip hop scenes, he creates rap music that is sporadic, energetic, and often just plain fun. A member of the nerdcore community since 2008, StarF has become ingrained in the pillars of nerdcore by becoming a part of Scrub Club Records, as well as the supergroup RPG-Unit.

Press B

was born in the year 2,311,240 in the Alpha Lyrae star system and is the most noted rapper-turned-revolutionary-turned-time traveler-turned-rapper from the future. He was sent back in time to spit sick raps and to save the future from intellectual stagnation, but arrived approximately 10 years later than originally intended. He operates out of Charleston, South Carolina. It reminds him of home, an unnamed planet that his colony ship landed on.

Count Jared

has been rocking his accordion and infecting people with his music all over the country. Singing songs ranging the gamut from Pokémon zombies to MST3K he’s sure to leave you laughing and keep you rocking. When he isn’t performing solo or with his band, The Gekkos, Count Jared can be found visiting haunted houses and graveyards in his YouTube series “Ooky Spooky Places”.

Twill Distilled

is Nerdcore’s very own dirty pop diva and self proclaimed b0$$ lady. Known for her nerdy lyrics, and songs that empower nerd girls, she has an energy that can’t be matched. By day she is an illustrator – by night – creating and producing original electro-pop nerdcore songs – and in her free time – performing all over the east coast / mid west nerd scene!

Rhythm Bastard

the self-described “Punk Rock Mercenary” takes the stage armed only with his voice, his guitar and his bandmate, a laptop, playing a mix of punk, garage rock, and filk. A child of the Late 90s-Early 2000s, he grew up during the pop punk boom that included the likes of Green Day, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance.


is a strong up and comer to the Live DJ scene and is already well known on YouTube for doing some super crazy awesome anime and video game remixes! As an openly involved Otaku he has always had a keen sense for music at a very young age. dj-Jo has recently started doing LIVE performances due to his inspiration form Robert DeLong and Porter Robinson; in hopes of getting more exposure as a live performer and being able to do what he loves on stage.

Boy Without Batteries

makes high energy power-pop dance music created on two Nintendo Gameboys. He’s performed at several large-scale events such as MAGfest, Gencon, and Otronicon! His full length album is planned to release this summer under Kawaii 8Bit Records, and you can see him live at #ONF2015!

Chaotic Logic

If you’ve been a part of the Orlando music scene for the last decade, than chances are you’ve either seen or hung out with or around Chaotic Logic at some point. Already being a strong musically driven DJ for several years while working for NAPSTER he eventually entered the world of Nerd Music through his connection with local Nerdcore legends Emergency Pizza Party, and the rest is history.

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