The Great Luke Ski has been announced!

Double the comedy, double the fun! Double the FuMP, and double the puns! Ok that was terrible, but this next artist would have said something hilarious. Of course I’m talking about The Great Luke Ski!

At Dragon*Con 2004, Dr. Demento declared “the great Luke Ski” to be his radio program’s “Most Requested Artist of the 21st Century”. Since then, Luke held onto that title by having songs on “The Dr. Demento Show’s” annual year-end “Funny 25” countdown of his most requested songs of the year for nine years in a row, including three of them at #1 (“Peter Parker” 2002, “Stealing Like A Hobbit” 2003, “Snoopy The Dogg” 2011), and two of them at #2 (“You Don’t Know Jack” 2006, “Too Much Stuff” 2009). His song parodies, originals, stand-up and sketches about pop culture pheonema (doot doo, do-do-do!) have make him a favorite performer at science-fiction and fandom conventions all across the midwest and beyond. Luke is also a 2-time win­ner of the Logan Whitehurst Memorial Award For Excellence In Comedy Music for Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song for “Snoopy The Dogg” in 2012, and “When You Wish Upon A Death Star” in 2013.

He’s got SO many great songs, but here’s a video someone uploaded with one of my favorites:

Luke Ski just so happens to also be one of the core members of The Funny Music Project, or “The FuMP” for short. Check out The FuMP HERE!

We’re still not done here, and we’ll be announcing even more artists as we gain more likes on our Facebook Page, and RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page!

Devo Spice has been announced!

Our next announcement is one of the funniest men in music! I’m talking about the legendary Devo Spice!

Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called “the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem.” His demented brand of hip hop made him one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. Devo Spice founded the comedy rap group Sudden Death whose songs “Cellular Degeneration”, “Getting Old Sucks” and “Pillagers” were the numbers 1, 2, and 4 most requested songs on Dr. Demento in 2007. In 2012 Devo Spice’s song “In The 80s” was the 4th most requested song of the year.

He just released a Dr. Who themed concept album and here is the first single titled, “I am the Doctor”:

Devo Spice is also one of the core member of The Funny Music Project, or “The FuMP” for short. Check out The FuMP HERE!

As usual, we will be announcing even more artists as we accrue likes on our Facebook Page, and RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page!

YTCracker has been announced!

Our first March announcement is a whopper, as we have the master hacker, code breaking cracker, original digital gangster, self proclaimed “KING of Nerdcore”, the progenitor of nerd rap himself, YTCracker!

If it’s related to the nerdcore hiphop scene, there’s a heavy chance that YTCracker has had his hands in it!
He has about 1000 (if not more) amazing songs that I could post, but I only have room for one, so here we go:

If you weren’t hyped before, you should definitely be hyped by now!

We will also be announcing more artists as we get more likes on our Facebook Page, and more RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page!

URIZEN has been announced!

If you’ve ever seen these guys live, you know damn well why we’ve booked them! I’m super geeked to announce one of the best live shows that you’ll ever see, in the amazing band URIZEN!

The only description that can fairly accurately describe URIZEN comes directly from their Facebook Page:

“URIZEN is a spectacle! URIZEN is an experience! URIZEN is a whole hell-of-a-lot of fun packed onto a stage full of monsters, metal, robots, mad science, and four dudes rocking their hearts out in the name of entertainment!”

But you don’t have to take their word for it because you can see it for yourself:

When you come out to Orlando Nerd Fest you’re not just coming to see some entertainment or listen to some music, but to live out some of the most amazing moments that nerd culture can bring you. By the time you get home, we want you to feel like you were actually a part of the show!

Don’t you go thinking that we’re done just yet because we’ve got many more announcements to go! These will be released as we get more likes on our Facebook Page, and more RSVP’s on the ONF2014 Event Page!

The Megas have been announced!

These guys have so much energy that an E-Tank couldn’t hold them. It is my utter joy to announce The Megas!

The Megas are mostly known for the electricity that they produce while performing the unique stories that they tell through the eyes of the characters in the MegaMan series. They grab you from the start and take you with them on an amazing journey seemingly with the Blue Bomber himself.

Not only are they amazing live, but The Megas have also inspired a ridiculous amount of fans to create videos like this one by Kirk Wilcox:

Now you might think that adding The Megas to our already stellar list of performers would be enough right? HA! We’ve got TONS more bands to tell you about, but you don’t have to take my word for it!

Stay tuned for our next announcement, brought to you by the likes and RSVP counts on both our Facebook Page, and the ONF2014 Event Page!

Schaffer the Darklord has been announced!

Our next performer could power the entire state of New York simply using his on stage energy. I’m proud to announce Schaffer the Darklord!

Schaffer has been outright murdering stages across the country for years now, and his performances are still somehow getting better every time! He’ll use his enticing story telling to pull you into his own personal dark dimension where he’ll allure you into a false sense of security, right before he bewitches you to the point where you’ll fall in love with him and do his bidding for eternity.

His talent really seems to know no bounds as he has no shortage of amazing songs and music videos:

Schaffer the Darklord joining our all star lineup should give you an idea of how far we’re willing to go to give you your best weekend in nerd music EVER!
Make sure to RSVP for Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the newest announcements faster!

Stick around, because our next artist announcements are right around the corner! 😉

The Doubleclicks have been announced!

The Doubleclicks are a pair of sisters from Portland, Oregon who write songs that are all at once snarky, geeky, and sweet. They’re mostly know as “geek girl songstresses with heart and a cello”. Their 2013 album “Lasers and Feelings” debuted on the Billboard charts at #7, and they’re well known for their many shows across the USA

The Doubleclicks are one of those bands where only the sky is the limit, and they’re proving it by absolutely destroying their current Kickstarter goal for their upcoming album “Dimetrodon”!

You’ve probably seen their video for “Nothing to Prove” zooming through social media late 2013, but if not here you go:

So far that means that we’ve only announced 4 total acts out of the 30+ performances that you’ll be enjoying at Orlando Nerd Fest 2014, and you can bet that we’re going to be dragging this on for quite a while. 🙂

You know, because we love you! <3

Orlando Nerd Fest 2015 dates announced!

This just in! Mega powered news for you and I’m awfully happy to get to share it with you!
Things have been going so well for #ONF2014 that we’ve gone ahead and scheduled our show for #ONF2015!!!

Those dates are August 7-10, 2015,!

Here is the Facebook Event for #ONF2015!

So just in case you were wondering if we were some sort of one off, run of the mill, standard or average musical festival….
BA-DOOOOOOOOM! I can hear your minds blowing from here!

First of all, we here at Orlando Nerd Fest would like to thank you for your support.
Without you guys, none of this would be possible! This is YOUR festival, so have fun!

I hope I see you all this year at #ONF2014, so that I can tell you in person just how much you all mean to us!

Kirby Krackle has been announced!

Snap! Kirby! Krackle! AWW YEA!!!

We’ve just finished inking the papers confirming legendary Geek Rockers Kirby Krackle as a headliner for the Orlando Nerd Fest!

Kirby Krackle are rocking high levels in the scene, but you don’t have to take my word for it:

“KIRBY KRACKLE has risen through the ranks of nerd-rock to emerge as the leader in a new movement of geek-driven musical inspiration. Putting on a high-energy rock n’ roll show and writing songs referencing pop-culture icons, comic book characters, and video games, KIRBY KRACKLE’s name has become synonymous with meshing pop-culture themes together with powerful musicianship.”

If you weren’t already climbing up the walls with the announcement of Nobuo Uematsu and the Earthbound Papas and The Wordburglar, you definitely should be now!

Nobuo Uematsu and Wordburglar Announced!

Holy moly have we got some smash-bang artist announcements for you, so I won’t waste any time getting directly into it!

I am absolutely honored to say that Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and the Earthbound Papas are our first headliner announcement for the Orlando Nerd Fest!

Nobuo Uematsu and the Earthbound Papas absolutely killed it at MAGfest X, as you can see by this video:

They rocked so hard in fact, that Destructoid had this to say about the performance:

“I’ve seen a lot of live performances in my time, but I’ve never seen a show this great. I’m still buzzing. In the middle of the show I heard someone behind me say, “I’m never missing another MAGFest ever again.”

Suffice to say, we’re absolutely bouncing off of the walls here. 🙂

Our next announcement is pretty freaking good too, and should set up exactly how hard we’re working to give you the most amazing nerd concert experience ever!

August 11th is The Day After Show 4 held at The Geek Easy inside of the world famous “A Comic Shop”, and this extra day of nerd music is being headlined by none other than the master of verbal word hurling himself, The Wordburglar!

Matter of fact, the WB has recently released a new music video!
Check it out:

He’s been killing mic’s and burgling words for many years now and is one of the best nerdcore hip hop artists out there. One of the cool things about A Comic Shop bringing him out for this show is the fact that his last Orlando performance was way back in 2008! This isn’t an opportunity that you’re going to get very often, so you’d better do your best to see it while you can!

I’m going to cut off the information leak there, because if that’s not enough to blow your mind, I really don’t know what is, haha. We’ve got a metric SNARF-TON of artists, guests, and special events to announce, and you can bet the bees in your bonnet that we’re going to drag this out as excruciatingly slow and as frustratingly exciting as absolutely possible. You know, because we love you like that. <3 Make sure to like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Event, and follow our Twitter so that you can get this information as soon as it releases! We like to leak things to those that show us a little fan love before releasing it on the main site. 😉

See you on the flip side!

Update, update, update!

Here’s a tiny update that I think some of you have been waiting for!

First of all, we’ve put up a handy dandy FAQ that might answer some of the questions that you may have concerning the Orlando Nerd Fest!
You can find it here:

We have locked in quite a few performers, and are looking to announce them soon. We feel like you guys are going to be EXTREMELY happy with what we’re putting together in regards to the main shows.

Our Sponsorship/Vendor pack is nearing completion, with more rent-able tables, booths, and spaces than ever before! The Orlando Airport Marriott is being extremely generous with providing us extra areas for us to feature your artwork, wares, crafts, and merchandise!

Remember! Hotel blocks and Tickets for the event are already available for reservation and purchase online! If you reserve a room at the Orlando Airport Marriott you’ll receive not only free parking, but also one ONF 2014 3-day pass for only half price!

We also now have special SPONSOR passes, and with them you’ll receive a special badge AND free event T-Shirt!
Speaking of T-Shirts, these are also already available for purchase and shipping through our online marketplace!

We just want you to know that we’re doing our best to make this the most enjoyable and memorable nerd event ever!

More info soon, I promise!

Big announcement – Venue and Dates revealed!

I’ve got some stellar information for you guys that I just know you’re going to like, so let’s not waste any time getting into it!

First of all we can’t have a show without having those oh-so-important dates for you!

Make sure to clear your calendar for August 8th-11th!!!

“Why the 11th as well?” you ask? Let’s just say that a 3 year old after party is going to be making it’s return once again!
That’s right! The Day After show will be returning for it’s 4th year! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!
More details on that gem later, so keep your tuning fork tuned. 😉

How about a little bit of venue information? OK!

Does this venue maybe look a little familiar to you?

That’s right! It’s the Orlando Airport Marriott! If you know your nerd music history, you’ll recognize this place immediately as one of our favorite hotels that has allowed our nerdy nourishment a little bit of flourishment if you know what I mean. 😉

The news is even more awesome, because they’ve also done some major upgrades since then, check some of these room photo’s out!

Nothing but the best for you guys!!! <3 We've even worked out a hell of a deal for you on these rooms, and once the Hotel finishes the setup of the room blocks they will immediately be posted so that you guys can start reserving them! Getting a hotel room for the Festival is important for a myriad of reasons, so expect us to provide those stay with us some damn cool perks for doing so! I have a hell of a lot more information to release to you, but I think for now that I'd better hold off before your head explodes. 🙂

Orlando Nerd Fest – Coming 2014!

We’re putting together the biggest and best annual multi-day nerd party!
Part music festival, part family reunion, all fun!

The things we’re looking to do might seem very familiar if you’ve ever attended a Nerdapalooza, a MAGfest, or even a Day After Show!
Our designs are being made with you and your friends in mind for what quite possibly could be your best nerdy family vacation ever!!

Coming to you in 2014!

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