Press B announced for The Day After Show!

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Press B
Press B

Press B was born in the year 2,311,240 in the Alpha Lyrae star system and is the most noted rapper-turned-revolutionary-turned-time traveler-turned-rapper from the future. He was sent back in time to spit sick raps and to save the future from intellectual stagnation, but arrived approximately 10 years later than originally intended. He operates out of Charleston, South Carolina. It reminds him of home, an unnamed planet that his colony ship landed on.

Drawing influence from the punk rockers and MCs of the past, Press B’s music is a scathing admonishment of the evils of modern society, in the hopes that a better future can be made. One where Press B is not needed and people are smarter. With a stage show that brings forth the energy of a supernova, B shows off his withering witticism and his blistering satire, entertaining and interacting with crowds across the southeast with plans to expand like a virus across the globe.

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