Propeller Anime panels announced for ONF2015!

Anime Panels by:
Propeller Anime

Propeller Anime is Orlando’s Mightiest Anime Club! Founded on October 22nd, 2006 by their fearless leader Kent “Fist of the MFK” Ward, Propeller Anime has grown into an independent organization that anime fans in central Florida can look toward as one the best groups in terms of providing the hottest anime events and showings around.

There are three goals for Propeller Anime in the following order of importance:

1.) To show great anime, from all genres and eras.
2.) To provide a fun social environment for anime fans.
3.) To contribute to the local anime community by helping out at events and conventions.

Longtime club member Shamus Oddish will be doing 3 panels in the DAT Theater during Orlando Nerd Fest:

Sat. Aug 8th @ 12pm: Anime Essentials – 90’s Edition
Sat. Aug 8th @ 1pm: Anime Ladies that Kick Butt
Sun. Aug 9th @ 1pm: Mecha Anime for New Fans

If you’re an anime fan, want to become an anime fan, or are just simply curious about anime then you definitely need to spend some time in these panels! Find out more about Propeller Anime at their website HERE, and if you get the chance make sure to attend some of their events because they’re the best that the anime community has to offer!

The “likes” on the Facebook Page are almost up to that 5,000 milestone and we have more announcements to make! Make sure you RSVP on the ONF2015 Event Page so you don’t miss any of them!

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