Rhythm Bastard announced for The Day After Show!

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Rhythm Bastard
Rhythm Bastard

“Rhythm Bastard”, the self-described “Punk Rock Mercenary” takes the stage armed only with his voice, his guitar and his bandmate, a laptop, playing a mix of punk, garage rock, and filk. A child of the Late 90s-Early 2000s, he grew up during the pop punk boom that included the likes of Green Day, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance. He also claims “freaks and geeks” throughout history as some of his main influences, such as Iggy Pop, The Dead Kennedys, Janelle Monae and The Aquabats!, and takes a lot of his DIY attitude from the Nerdcore Rap scene.

After moving to Florida from New York, The Rhythm Bastard began playing different conventions throughout the state both new and established, including our inaugural Orlando Nerd Fest Event. His first major release was in January 2013, “Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track”, a compilation of songs he had written for the internet series Dino Hunter MD, which was created by fellow Stony Brook alum. His music has been featured in numerous video games, with “Hell Yeah” available for download in the video game Rock Band 3, and his song “Radio Days” is in the popular Newgrounds title, The Sagittarian 3. Currently you can find him as a regular host on the podcast “The Echo Chamber” on Ozone Entertainment.

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