Rhythm Bastard to play at FANTOKU!

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Rhythm Bastard
Rhythm Bastard

…is a self-described “Punk Rock Mercenary”, and takes the stage armed only with his voice, his guitar and his band-mate, a laptop, playing a mix of punk, garage rock, and filk. After moving to Florida from New York, the Rhythm Bastard is a regular on the convention circuit playing shows like Holiday Matsuri, Florida Supecon, Momocon, and previous Orlando Nerd Fest events. In 2015, he released his second album “Status Quo Radio, a concept album about love, betrayal and ultraviolence in the 1960’s Southwest, inspired by the video game Team Fortress 2. A major project of his is to do a song based off every set of the card game Magic The Gathering as they are released.

His first major release was in January 2013, “Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track”, a compilation of songs he had written for the internet series Dino Hunter MD, which was created by fellow Stony Brook alum. You can also find his music featured in League Of Heels events “Paxamania III” and ” Currently you can find him as a regular host on the podcasts “The Echo Chamber” and “I’d Rather Not”. He can be followed at RhythmBastard.Rocks, because he rocks so hard that he had to put it in the URL.

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