Sci-Fried to rock out at FANTOKU!

Performer Unlocked!

… is freaking awesome. They’re the true embodiment of what “Geek Rock” is. In fact, if you looked up the definition of Geek Rock, you’d see their picture next to it! They’ve been a staple of the Orlando Nerd Fest for years, and have been playing gigs way before that even. The talent and experience in this band is second to none. Recently, Captain Dan of the Scurvy Crew has joined their ranks, making this unstoppable force even more contentious as the eye of the storm for all things rock.

Sci-Fried has earned many video awards such as Best Video several times at Creation’s Las Vegas based Official Star Trek Convention, Best Video at Creation’s Vancouver based Official Stargate Convention, and First and Second Place in different categories for the Dragon*Con Fan Music Video contest in 2012. Sci-Fried has also won the Battlecon Battle of the Bands, and was voted Best Metal Band in the Orlando Weekly magazine multiple times.

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