Steam Mechanics announced for The Day Before Show!

Performer Unlocked!
Steam Mechanics
Steam Mechanics

What started off as a conversation between good friends, over time became a movement. Stillwater and Arsun F!st created an outlet for their brand of lyricism…One that pays homage to the sound of urgency that was once rooted in Hip-Hop culture. Connoisseurs of tech and hard beats, their chemistry creates songs that blur the lines between scholars and soldiers…Warrior poets if you will, true to themselves and their music. With the recent addition of Paten Locke to the group, Steam Mechanics are now a trifecta.

Where fire and water make steam, its Paten’s meticulous approach to Djing and beat production that showcase the studio and live show mechanics that encompass this crew’s sound. If you’re searching for a dose of hip-hop that’s intelligent and aggressive, look no further than these two words…Steam Mechanics.

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