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E-Turn announced for FANTOKU!

E-Turn …is one of the rising stars of the Orlando Hip-Hop scene, and she’s been a staple performer of several ONF events for many years now. Her performances have been known to evoke an emotional response from a large spectrum of fans, and her passion and talent are among the best of any Master of …

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E-Turn and SPS announced for ONF2015!!

E-Turn and SPS It is extremely rare to find two hip-hop musicians that mesh so well from both sides of the creative perspective as these two do. Sure, you have your all time greats like the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo, and Eric B. & Rakim, but there …

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E-Turn and SPS have been announced for The Day After Show!

There are those that think Hip Hop as a whole has gotten a bit stale over the years, where mindless rhymes bounce along low effort rhythms and cheap drum loops. This next announcement is definitive proof that there are still real MC’s and DJ’s out there changing the world. I’m talking about the absolutely stellar …

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