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Jackson Parodi to play FANTOKU!

Jackson Parodi …is an accordion player who specializes in music from video games, memes, professional wrestling, and everything in between. He releases weekly accordion videos on YouTube, and regularly broadcasts accordion music on Twitch. Jackson has performed at such events as Awesome Games Done Quick, Zeldathon, TwitchCon, MAGFest, and Smash the Record. You might also …

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StarF to perform at FANTOKU!

StarF …is a pretty cool guy who occasionally yells at a microphone and calls the results music. Influenced by the Minneapolis punk and hip hop scenes, he creates rap music that is sporadic, energetic, and often just plain fun. A member of the nerdcore community for nearly a decade, StarF has performed along side the …

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Leva Bates announced for FANTOKU!

Leva Bates …is an American professional wrestler, currently performing on the independent circuit in the United States. She is best known for her appearances within Shimmer Women Athletes under her real name, and is also known to create amazing cosplays for many of her matches! Leva has also made several appearances on WWE’s NXT where …

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SkyBlew to perform at FANTOKU!

SkyBlew …grew up in Alabama. Most of his neighborhoods were polluted with drugs, gangs, and violence. Surrounded by negativity and transitioning into various foster homes, he could have easily chosen the wrong path. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, SkyBlew chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul …

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E-Turn announced for FANTOKU!

E-Turn …is one of the rising stars of the Orlando Hip-Hop scene, and she’s been a staple performer of several ONF events for many years now. Her performances have been known to evoke an emotional response from a large spectrum of fans, and her passion and talent are among the best of any Master of …

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Nuclear Bubble Wrap performing at FANTOKU!

Nuclear Bubble Wrap …is a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Their music is known for containing lush, multi-layered psychedelic arrangements, with catchy melodies and witty lyrics. They’re known for their sense of humor and tendency to lean towards nerdy references and subject matter. They quickly started getting airplay on the Dr. Demento Show and …

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MagiTek announced for FANTOKU!

MagiTek Science and Magic are two very powerful sides to the same coin. Those that can combine these forces can create the ever-experimental and evolving but always unified sound waves that take control of the crowd and get those feet moving. Whether it’s defending the earth, creating Homonculi, beating up waves of bad guys, or …

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Christopher Khayman Lee to host FANTOKU!

Christopher Khayman Lee Best known for killing off everyone’s favorite space dad Zordon as Andros, the Red Ranger from “Power Rangers In Space,” Christopher Khayman Lee is a writer, actor, martial artist and the CEO of West Coast Comics. Lee travels the world doing conventions for charity as well as continuing to further awareness of …

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FANTOKU: Fantasy Tokusatsu Nerd Fest!

Good evening fellow Gumshoes! We here at ONF Detective Agency Headquarters have been watching while you’ve been hard at work putting the case together for the special event we’ve been planning for this November, and we feel that you deserve a reward so we’re going to reveal some more special information for you that may …

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Symphonic Pheenix Force announced for ONF Mystery Event!

symphonic pheenix force spf

Symphonic Pheenix Force …is a nerdcore hip-hop group with musical sights set upon nostalgic entertainment and equipped puns into one accord. Based out of Tampa, FL, SPF includes Philonius Phunk, LX, Terrible Toad King, SirenSeraph, and Swag Switcha. Their hit single, “About To Start Rapping,” not only hit online airwaves but also has been featured …

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Professor Shyguy announced for ONF Mystery Event!

professor shyguy

Professor Shyguy The best description for Professor Shyguy’s music is as follows; high energy, chiptune-electro-rocking, 8-bit, epicly vocalized, highly dance-able, theatrical nerd-pop. Singing 50% about video games and the other 50% is anything from Space/Time to English Language gymnastics. He is recently known for singing Starring Star, the Funimation dub outro to the Dragon Ball …

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Wreck The System to perform at ONF Mystery Event!

wreck the system promo

Wreck The System WTS is a Nerdcore Hip Hop group that consists of 4 members. Lady J, Osiris Green, Cam3, and Twill Distilled. Their music incorporates many other genres like rock, EDM, dirty pop, dubstep, chip-tunes, and pretty much everything else into their music. They’ve become a strong force in the nerd music scene and …

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Dual Core performing at the ONF Mystery Event!

dual core

Dual Core Brought together by the power of the internet (and perhaps a touch of musical providence), USA based computer programmer / rapper int eighty and English web designer / music producer c64 have been rocking the more studious side of the hip hop underground since 2007. Longtime favorites of those that attend such things …

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The Returners “returnering” to Orlando for the Mystery Event!

The Returners Photo by Rachel Hammond The Returners are a five-piece VGM (video game music) band based in Austin, Texas. Among their claims to fame are a flute-playing front-woman and a singing drummer. They breathe new life into songs from retro and modern video games in a live rock band setting, along with a few …

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ONF Mystery Show – Nov. 4th Weekend

HOLY CRAP IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I’VE POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!! Ok ok, that aside, YES, we’re super sorry for the radio silence since #ONF2015, which was an amazing show where we broke EXACTLY EVEN! That’s a super amazing thing to be able to say, and we want to thank you and especially …

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