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Shaken not Stirred VIP Burlesque Show!

Shaken not Stirred Burlesque Known for their signature James Boned opening number, Shaken not Stirred Burlesque is Tallahassee’s premier burlesque troupe. They features vocal and dance numbers from a variety of decades and genres in addition to classic sideshow acts and Nerdlesque numbers. They have performed at several venues all over Tallahassee as well as …

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Johnny Yong Bosch and Eyeshine have been announced!

We’ve got a couple of great bands with some celebrity front-men and this next announcement is no different. Their leader has been a Power Ranger, a Street Fighter, and was even Vash the Stampede from TRIGUN! I’m of course talking about the totally amazing Eyeshine!!! Eyeshine has been tearing the roof off of performance halls …

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