It’s been a crazy ride with many dips and hills and loop-the-loops and to those of you that have been riding with us we just wanted to say THANK YOU for your trust and support! I’m going to do my best to keep this short and sweet, but we all know that about a million people need thanking so this post will probably be anything but.

First of all, I want to thank the staff, security, volunteers, sound team, managers, photographers, videographers, and friends that put in massive amounts of work in order to make sure that #ONF2014 went on without a hitch and kept any problems to a minimum, ensuring that everyone had a GREAT time and helped us all to create awesome memories that will hopefully live on for a long time! Without you, this show would not have been a possibility. You should all be insanely proud of yourselves for this MONSTER SHOW that you were such an important part of. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Next I would like to thank all of the amazing bands and special guests for their outstanding and completely mind blowing performances! Whether you rapped, did comedy, performed burlesque, or were one of our headliners, you ALL deserve gigantic piles of our THANKS! Your professionalism and super star quality performances really put this festival over the top in terms of content! Big shout out to Korndogg Karaoke for putting together an amazing interactive experience! Shouts as well to Chiptunes = WIN and Play It Loud for providing such awesome CHIPTUNE entertainment! Seriously performers, from Thursday to Monday I felt like I was working on one of the most official and prominent music festivals on the planet, and this was BAR NONE due to your presence both on and off stage. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Team ONF would also like to thank our outstanding vendors and sponsors for providing some of the best non-performance content that I’ve had the enjoyment of purchasing or playing around with! Big shout out to Free Play Florida for trekking all the way here and keeping the Arcade Machines in pristine condition! That TRON Pinball is AMAZING! Shout out also to Play It Loud for running our Retro Game Room!

We’d also like to thank A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy for being sponsors as well as providing us with an amazing time for THE DAY AFTER SHOW: ONF’s 5th Day! We all had a blast and love your new modifications! We look forward to working with you many times in the future!

Speaking of Venues this paragraph goes out to the Orlando Airport Marriott, who worked with us to provide an outstanding venue for our performers and attendees! Shouts to Sherrie, Eddie, the entire Security force, the Registration desk, the maid and cook staff, and those that helped with setup and moving chairs and tables! Thank you so much for putting up with our craziness!

Most importantly, I want to thank YOU. You the attendees. You the fans. You’re the reason we all put forth our time, our money, and our very souls. Those of you that took time out of your busy lives to come and spend the weekend with us, or even just a day or 2. This entire ordeal was done for YOU. You have our utmost thanks and love for supporting this show, and we hope that our effort was enough to warrant such support. No matter what happens in the future, know that we have all gladly spent this time together with you, and I know I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU! We all here at Team ONF love each and every one of you, and our thanks comes from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you. <3 -Team ONF2014