Vendor Application

Our Vendor application process is currently underway!
If you’re interested, just fill out the form below and we’ll contact you!

PDF version HERE (right click to download)


Thank you for your support, because without you shows like ours would be impossible!

The costs for Vendor space is as follows:
Single Booth (1 table or an 8-10ft wide area) – $250
Comes with (2) ONF weekend passes.

Double Booth (2 tables or a 16-20ft wide area) – $500
Comes with (4) ONF weekend passes.

Larger Areas are available.
(please contact us in regards to this)

Power is available to all booth sizes upon request.

Adult Materials Policy

The Orlando Science Center is a family venue; therefore we ask that exhibitors, particularly those with adult merchandise, please keep this in mind when setting up. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Vendor Coordinators; failure to comply with warnings may result in removal from the Orlando Science Center and forfeiture of all fees.

Any materials that are sexually explicit, extremely graphically violent, or otherwise unsuitable for children MUST be displayed in a manner that keeps kids from seeing them. If we see it out in the open, or receive complaints, we will remind you about our adult materials policy ONCE. If you sell inappropriate materials to minors, we will evict you as per our contract with the Orlando Science Center.

Items that MAY be sold at ONF include:

Any products featuring your own creations.
Any legitimately licensed imported merchandise.
Any properly licensed US products.
Commissioned and hand-drawn works. *
Unique, individual, hand-made items. *
Doujinshi, fanzines, and similar items. *
Any properly licensed US products.

* We remind you that it is your responsibility to determine whether you are in compliance with various intellectual property laws and statutes.

Items that MAY NOT be sold at ONF include:

“Knockoff” or bootleg merchandise (for example, Son May CDs).
Bootleg videos (this includes bootlegged videos recorded on blank videotapes with printed labels; “homemade” DVDs, pirated copies of any titles that have been released commercially in the United States, Japan, or elsewhere; titles taped off the air in Japan– and any and all fansubs).
Any posters, idol cards, etc., which read “Kodak”, “Fuji”, etc. on the back.
Unlicensed reproductions of any products actually released by an American company.

Any violation will come with a warning, at which time you will be asked to remove the offending merchandise from the Orlando Science Center. The Vendor Coordinators reserve the right to request the removal of any item that he/she believes to be of questionable nature from the dealer’s table until its authenticity can be verified.

Failure to comply, or a subsequent violation, is cause for removal from the event and forfeiture of all fees.